Easy Ways to remove stinky Dog Odors in your Home

Nose-blindness is for real — it is the reason you can’t smell your own house (unless you’ve been away on vacation for a while). The scientific reason has to do with your nose and brain working together to determine whether or not the smell is a threat. If it’s not, the smell receptors get shut off, which is why a particularly pungent odor doesn’t seem as bad after a few minutes of exposure.

Basically, you might be living with unpleasant dog odors and may not even realize it’s an issue. And that’s one thing, but what about when you have company? Rather than masking dog odors with chemical-laden air fresheners that wear off in a few minutes, try some of these effortless tips to keep your home smelling fantastic even if you have a dog (or three).

1. Schedule regular grooming appointments

The single best way to keep your canine best friend smelling fresh as a daisy is to keep up with regular baths and grooming. Dogs don't sweat the same way people do, but they do have distinct odors that come from glands in their ears and hair follicles. These smells are completely normal and healthy, but to keep them from becoming overwhelming, regular baths can help.
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2. Don’t forget oral hygiene

You may think that unpleasant dog odor comes from their fur — but you’d only be half right. Dental infections are common in dogs, and proper oral care and prevention are just as important for your pup as they are for you. Schedule regular vet visits to ensure proper tooth and gum health. In between those trips, try brushing your dog’s teeth regularly and feeding him dental chews made specifically to get rid of tartar and plaque.

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3. Wash the dog toys

Your pup’s toys might be contributing to those unexplained dog odors at home. Think about it: Saliva has a smell, and Fido has covered his favorite bone in it. A few times per month, take the time to wash all the dog toys in the sink with very hot water and mild dish soap.

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4. Bathe your dog regularly

While you may wait longer between professional grooming appointments, it’s important to bathe your dog at least once per month, especially if he spends lots of time outside. Abrasive shampoo ingredients might actually do more harm than good on his sensitive skin, so use a simple shampoo. Skip the overly perfumed options, as these tend to have unnecessary chemicals. In a hurry? Try rubbing him down with a regular baby wipe between baths to keep him smelling clean.

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